As the Earth Turns and Subway Sunset


Music Visions are unique collaborative creations by Sheila Silver and John Feldman. Images and music are composed together to create non-narrative works. They are designed to be performed in concert with live instruments and video projection or to be enjoyed as DVDs on your TV or computer.

A perfect choice for lovers of both music and film, our first DVD is now available for sale. It includes the humorous and provocative “As the Earth Turns” and the poetic and lyrical “Subway Sunset”.


We conceive of the music and images hand-in-hand, endeavoring to create an integrated experience for the audience. We see the introduction of video as not only an expansion of the live recital experience, but as a way to bring contemporary music and imagery into the home via videotape and DVD. The video aspires to be a non-narrative composition — much like music. Nonetheless, representational images are purposefully used to construct form parallel to the music.

The tape portion of the work not only helps the soloists stay in sync with the images, but serves as an accompaniment. It was created on the computer with ProTools using sounds from inside the piano except for two instances where “source” sounds are incorporated into the music.

As the Earth Turns is designed to be performed with any combination of high and low wind instruments plus tape track. The tape track is included on the DVD. The following options are available:

  • B FLAT Clarinet and Bassoon
  • Oboe and Bass Clarinet
  • Oboe and Bassoon
  • B FLAT Clarinet and Bass clarinet
  • Soprano Sax and Tenor Sax

Subway Sunset can be performed by either an oboe or clarinet and piano:

  • B flat Clarinet and piano
  • Oboe and piano
  • bassoon and piano



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